Why I Love Shopping at Aldi


I have been shopping at Aldis almost exclusively for 5 years! Let’s be honest, that’s a sign of a committed relationship. At first it was hard for me to admit that I was that committed to Aldi. C’mon, I consider myself a foodie, shouldn’t I love grocery stores like Whole Foods, Wegmans or Trader Joes? So why do I love it so much? To sum it up – good quality food for great prices.

The Good-Prices

Eggs are my favorite thing to buy at Aldi, from 0.89 to $1.35, you can’t beat that price for a dozen! Almond milk, cheese, half and half, butter and other dairy products are a great price there as well. Recently they have started carrying containers of feta–I bet you can’t guess the price–$1.99 a package (now that’s my kinda deal). And if your husband plows through cereal like mine does, you’ll love spending 1.99-$2.50 a box–no coupons, no sales! If you try something there you don’t like, they have a double money back guarantee, which I have used. The refund process was quick and painless. In the future stay tuned for a review of my Aldi favorites.

The Better-Good Food

Another great thing about shopping at Aldi is I can stock up on basics on a budget, letting me splurge on treats at Wegmans and Trader Joes. Typically I will go to Aldi once a week, and then Wegmans every other week for meat and the things that Aldi doesn’t carry. When I get my basics at aldi, I know the quality is great–I don’t have twenty types of flour to choose from, or sales fliers to look at, or coupons to sort through. Just good quality food for consistent good prices.

The Best-Quick and Easy

One of my favorite things about Aldi is that its always quick and easy. Of all my years shopping there, anything more than 30 minutes in the store is a long trip–I could get trapped in Wegmans for hours! To me, it’s nice and easy that there is one choice for each item. Maybe its just me, but it seems like all the decisions I make between brands, sizes, etc at grocery stores takes a lot out of me, and I feel like I just took the SATs all over again (no thanks!). Aldi items have multiple bar codes, which helps make it easier for cashiers to scan quickly. Easy in and easy out!

Share with me some of your favorite grocery shopping experiences or tips!


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