A new kind of adventure. . .

Well, my husband and I are headed on a new kind of adventure!  We are expecting a baby in November.  We will see where this journey takes us, our hearts our full of excitement as we head down this road.

Already we are overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” needed for a baby.  As a pediatric nurse, working mostly with babies, I am well aware of how all their creature comforts help make those early days easier, however, we don’t want to feel like our house is taken over!  We have had a few long chats about what we think is necessary and what to wait on.  Our general rule of thumb we’ve decided to use is — if it’s something that would be really  helpful in the beginning, and more of an inconvenience to have to go out and buy, we will err on the side of making sure we have it.  For some of the other purchases that we may not need right away, we will wait and see what our little one’s personality is, and if it would be worth having.  Although this helps limit the number of must-haves, there is still quite a lot needed to make the little baby comfortable and safe.

So far we have tried scavenging craigslist–my favorite!  We scored an awesome stokke sleepi crib, valued at $1,000, for $300.  And to boot, the lady we picked it up from was cleaning house from all her baby stuff and gave us a ton of useful stuff.  Oh how my heart loves craigslist!

Well, I hope to post more about our adventures soon.  Coming up should be some stories of some of my ebay sales and purchases, as well as some great recipes I’ve been trying out!