A Review of Grocery Delivery (Fresh Direct)



Shortly after the little bird joined our family, we received an offer in the mail from FreshDirect.  They were just starting to delivery to our area–the promotion was for $50 off of an order of $125 for your first two orders.  Since getting out of the house to grocery shop was next to impossible–I decided to give it a try.  My conclusion: pricey but worth it.

The quality of food is excellent–and the customer service is even better!  But let’s talk about the price for a minute.  After adding all the items into my cart and accounting for the delivery fee ($6.99) and subtracting the $50 promotion–I decided to compare to ShopRite’s online shopping system.  Shoprite offers car side pick up, not delivery but still similar in convenience factor (in my opinion).  In the end for similar/comparable products, and even substituting generics at ShopRite when I could, FreshDirect was about $30 cheaper!  Now, this was including the $50 promotion–so without it, ShopRite would have been cheaper.  Although, the difference would have been small enough to be worth it to me to have the groceries delivered.  FreshDirect also has been e-mailing me promotions for free shipping delivery, $10 off, or free items with purchase, which definitely helps keep the prices more comparable.  They also have a referral program where you get discounts for friends that sign up and order..  Their customer service is extremely helpful.  I received some damaged items, and they were quick to offer to send new ones to replace them the next day, or refund my money.  So if you are thinking of giving delivery groceries a try–I think that FreshDirect is worth a shot.

A quick run down:
pros: easy interface, excellent products, excellent customer service
cons: can be pricey, limited selection/choices

Our area recently was added to AmazonFresh–so I will be trying that out as well.  I think they offer a much larger selection than FreshDirect and are significantly cheaper, however they have a $299 subscription fee per year.



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