DIY Diaper Wipes

So after diapering our little bird for 7 months now!  (can we stop and say–where did 7 months go?)  I have decided that there are times that cloth diapers work great for me, and other times where I feel that I am working to make cloth diapers work.  At any rate, we use cloth diapers primarily at home, and disposables when out and about and when he is at childcare (1-2 days/week).  I was prepared for the cost of diapers–but the cost of wipes!  Whaaatt?!  In the early days little bird had terrible rash from ANY store bought wipe–so we used home made wipes, and then realized how easy they were (given that we were already doing diaper laundry) and have stuck with it!

Here is an easy recipe that you can use for cloth wipes, or even for home made wipes made from paper towels!

2 cups water (distilled, or boiled and then cooled)
1 tablespoon oil (almond, olive, coconut, grapeseed–whatever!)
1 tablespoon witch hazel
1 tablespoon Dr Bronners Castile soap
Lavender and Tea Tree Oil

Mix all the ingredients (I used an old glass mayo jar)  If you use coconut oil, make sure your water is warm to melt it so it all mixes together.  This recipe makes enough for a nice batch of flannel wipes, or will be enough for a roll of paper towels (i have heard Viva works best!).

For our homemade wipes, I quickly made some squares from some flannel I had leftover from an old project and an old flannel nightgown my mom was throwing away. I read recommendations that the prince lion heart wipe warmer was an excellent option for storing (and warming if you want) cloth wipes.  I found one at a second-hand shop for $4 and it has been great!  If you don’t need the warmer part, a regular disposable wipe container would work fine as well.

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