Home Made Handsoap

After having such success with homemade dishwasher detergent and baby wipes–I was on the hunt for more things to make at home!  Here is a great recipe for foaming hand soap. As I run out of hand soap in my bathrooms, I will certainly be replacing with this instead of store bought soap.


Water (distilled or boiled is best but not needed if it will be used within a few weeks)
Liquid Castille Soap (I used Dr Bronners)
½ tsp liquid oil like olive or almond
drops of your favorite essential oils

Fill the soap dispenser to about 1-2 inches of the top (leaving room for the pump and the soap to be added).
Add at least 2 tablespoons of liquid castile soap to the water mixture 
Add the oil (optional but it helps preserve the life of the dispenser) and any essential oils if you are using them
Close and lightly swish to mix–Use as you would any regular foaming soap.
Where to buy foaming soap dispensers?  I found quite a few searching on Amazon.  Since I am a packrat and save things in case I might just on day need them–I had several empty disposable foaming dispensers in my basement that I dug out and used for this.

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