My Cloth Diaper Reviews!

ClothDiaperPostSo after 8 months of almost exclusive cloth diapering here are my thoughts!  We Love it!  We started cloth diapering when little bird was only a few weeks old.  Our first diapers we used were gdiaper tinies with preemie prefolds.  The gdiaper tinies covers I picked up second hand at our local cloth diaper shop and the prefolds I ordered from greenmountain diapers.  This was great!  We had 24 prefolds and 10 covers–more than enough to do laundry 1-2x per week.  Little bird was small.  He was 6 1/2 lbs when he was born, and very slow to gain weight.  We used these for 2-3 months until he reached 8ish lbs.

We then switched to using thirsties size 1 and xsmall covers with the prefolds.  I tried the thirsties inserts, but found them bulky and too big.  I had a few flip inserts and loved them!  We had a flip cover, but I didn’t feel like it fit him well. So we used the thirsties covers with the flip inserts with no problem.  Around 10lbs he was able to fit in the all-in-one diapers we had Bumgenius Freetimes and elementals.  We used these along with the thirsties covers and inserts.  Then around 14 lbs he outgrew the Thirsties–and I ordered the size 2 thirsties covers.  We started using these–but I just wasn’t in love with how they were fitting.  I had TONS of flip inserts (2 dozen) so I decided to retry the flip covers–and they fit great!  I now preferred these to the thirsties.  I also had a few organic cotton inserts–these with the flip covers quickly became my favorite!

Flip Diapers
Things I love 
One size (cover and insert) for whole diapering time
The tuckable cover makes “prepping” diapers so they are super easy for babysitters and daycare–no fussing and lining things up
Microfiber and organic cotton options

Things I don’t love
don’t fit small babies well
quality seems marginal (elastic seems weak compared to others)

Thirsties Diapers
Things I love
double gusset–contains EVERYTHING
great fit because of two sizes
very sturdy/durable

Things I don’t love
you need to size 1 and size 2
lots of fussing to get the insert to stay in
Thirties inserts take FOREVER to dry
inserts are bulky (in my opinion)

Bumgenius All in ones (free times and elementals)
Things I love
super easy!
fit great

Things I don’t love
don’t fit small babies

We are moving on to a new adventure in cloth diaper when we send little bird to daycare in a few weeks!  Our likes/dislikes might change, as well as our opinion of ease of use!  So far we are so happy that we use cloth.  We do use disposables at night–we had trouble with leaking with the cloth.  Its nice to have disposables on hand for outings if we want, or for babysitters if cloth is too much for them.

I wash all our diapers in Tide Free and Clear powder and dry in the dryer on gentle or hang dry.  We don’t use fabric softener at all in our house.

I read SO many blogs, advice and attended  a cloth diaper class in preparation and ultimately picked a few of my favorites and decided to try them out.  I am so glad I didn’t commit to one diaper before having little bird.  He was so much smaller than we expected and slow to grow-so having the flexibility to get what we needed was great.  GreenMountain diapers was my favorite place to shop online—so many good photos and descriptions of fit.  I also was able to find some steals on Ebay!  **Hint** There are a lot of people who want to give cloth diapering a try and it doesn’t work.  They sell their almost brand new diapers on ebay!    We also have a local cloth diaper store The Nesting House which was a great resource and way to look at diapers in person.  Well there you go–our adventure in cloth diapering.  I am sure there will be more to come!


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