Update! Dishwasher Detergent with Essential oils

If you didn’t check out my previous post– check out the recipe here.  After using this recipe for another 3 months–I can say I love it!  About once or month or so, I will do a vinegar rinse after the wash cycle to get my glass ware nice and sparkly.  I have shared samples of this detergent with friends-and they all love it too!


Sleepy Time Spray

We have been having trouble getting little bird to fall asleep a night!  I wanted to try some essential oils to help.  I read around and found that a blend that contains citrus and cedarwood can promote the production of natural melatonin and help sleep!  I received a bottle of “gentle baby” by Young Living as a gift.  Most other of my essential oils are the NOW brand (available on amazon)  I used 20 drops of gentle baby, and 15 drops of cedarwood and mixed with water and vodka in a 4 oz glass spray bottle.  I spray a few sprays during our bedtime routine–and after just a few nights I have noticed little bird falling asleep faster!  YAY!  So we are all getting more sleep, and his room smells great 🙂