My Cloth Diaper Update

ClothDiaperPostIMG_2137We have been using cloth diapers for over a year now!  Here is an update on our stash and how things have been going. A good bit of my stash I was able to get used on ebay (lots of people try cloth diapering for a few weeks, so there are lots of like new stashes for sale).  I also love ordering from GreenMountainDiapers–their shipping costs are reasonable (under $5) and shipping is fast 2-3 days!

All in One’s
-Bumgenius Freetimes (5)
-Bumgenius Elementals (8)

**My favorites–the elementals.  These are slim, easy put on, durable and have no microfiber to fuss with.  We scored a few gently used elementals and our local cloth diaper shop for $5 each!

-Flip Covers (5)
-Thirsties Duo Wrap (5) **we now use size 2

**I love them both for different reasons.  The Flips are great because the inserts “tuck” inside, which makes it easy to prep them for daycare.  But we love the double gussets and durability of the Thirsties.  I do think the Flip’s seem a bit trimmer than the thirsties.  However, it is clear that the elastic and the PUL of the thirsties is much more durable.

-2 dozen Flip Microfiber One Size inserts (we use in both the Flip and Thirstie covers)
-5 Flip Organic Cotton Flat inserts (these are the old, single layered ones)

**Ok, so the obvious question is why don’t I have thirsties inserts?  I had a few for the size ones–but I hated that I needed separate inserts for each size-the flips are nice because you just fold down to the right size.  The thirsties inserts have hemp in them-which is great for absorbency, but also bulky.  We did just get some hemp boosters to help with absorbency


-4 dozen cloth wipes (DIY’ed)
-Huggies wipe container
homemade wipe solution
2 planet wise wetbags (zippered) size Large –we send these to daycare


I was once a week-yep only once a week.  We use this garbage pail, with planetwise pail liners. We don’t use a sprayer, or dunk/rinse and diapers before washing.  When the little bird has a BM, we just scoop it out with a disposable wipe and throw it away.  I have an old washing machine with an agitator.  I throw all the diapers, wipes and bags into the washer and do one wash cycle on cool/cool.  I then do a second wash cycle with detergent.  I have had best results with Tide Free and Clear–but depending on your water and/or machine another detergent might work best.  I throw ALL the diapers into the dryer and dry with wool dryer balls for about 45 minutes on medium heat.  The hemp inserts and elementals typically need a little extra dry time, or I hang them out for a few hours.

We only had a stink issue once from the microfiber-I stripped with blue dawn dish detergent and then increased my detergent use, and haven’t had any issues since!

Daycare and Cloth
Not all daycares are cloth friendly–but ours is!  We go to a medium(ish) sized center, and they have been more than agreeable in using the cloth diapers!  We send 5-6 in each morning, and put them in his diaper cubby and they put them in the wet bag for us to take home!  They don’t take care of any BMs-so I just have to do a quick check before dumping them all into the hamper.  We use disposable wipes at daycare–I am sure they would be willing to use cloth wipes if we wanted, but that would be a much bigger hassle than the diapers.

We use the flip covers and inserts, freetimes and elementals at daycare.  I am typically able to rinse off the flip covers and reuse them a few times before washing.  The thirsties covers we use at home.  We use disposables at night–little bird is a belly sleeper and a heavy wetter, so those two combined make it difficult to stay dry overnight!  We like always having disposables on hand for outings or when we get an occasional babysitter.

My 2 pennies
If you are going to do cloth diapers, do cloth wipes too!  Wipes add up quickly, and you are already doing laundry

Get a variety of diapers in your stash! As your tiny grows different options are going to fit and work better.  I have been pleasantly surprised by this!

If it doesn’t skeeve you out, try to buy used-I am a huge proponent of buying used for many reasons, but buying used will only make it more economical to do cloth vs disposables.



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