Buying and selling used (part 1)

I love buying used things and  I love when I can score some $$$ selling used things I no longer want!  I’ll be doing a short series of posts of different avenues for buying and selling used items.  Up today ThredUp!

This site is pretty much like a consignment store online.  They buy and sell clothes and accessories for women, children and babies.  They accept name brand, good quality clothes. Oh, how I wish they sold men’s clothes for my husband too!
Buying-you can search by brand, size and type of clothing.  Their website search is easy to navigate.  You can search by brand, size and style.  The photos are decent, but there is also a written description.  The prices are a bit higher than goodwill or salvation army, but to me, the tradeoff from being able to stay at home and shop online is worth it.  Not too mention not having to sift through racks and racks of clothes.  Prices: Pair of Gap Jeans -$14.49

Pair of Gap Jeans -$14.49
Ann Taylor Sweater- $12-20
Nine West Shoes – $18-25

One thing I did notice was that the discounts aren’t proportional.  For example, the Ann Taylor Jeans retails are MUCH more expensive than a new pair of Target Brand dress pants, yet they were only a dollar or two off in price at ThredUp.  Moral of this story: spend a few (literally) $$ to get a quality brand!
I received my first package this week from there.  I ordered a gap jacket, Ann Taylor dress pants, Ann Taylor Jeans and a Merona (target brand) pair of dress pants and a pair of Naturalizer black flats.  The box arrived, everything was folded nicely, with a nice tag on it, and wrapped in tissue!  Much nicer than when I order online from other places.!  So–the question-did things fit, and were they nice?  Yes and sorta!  I know my size well in Ann Taylor–and all the items fit, the Gap Jacket was a littler shorter than I was expecting, and the Merona pants were a bit snug.  So I think I am going to be sending those back.

Their return policy is pretty good–if you return for a refund they subtract an $8.99 restocking/shipping fee.  If you return for store credit, you get a full refund.  I will post an update with how the return process goes.

Head on over and use this link-and we’ll both get $20 to spend!

Selling- Seems pretty simple–they send you a bag, you fill it up and they will sort through it.  You can choose to have the clothes they don’t take sent back to you ($12.99 fee) or they will responsibly donate.  I sent a bag in this week, so I am waiting to see how that goes and will update here.


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