ThedUp (selling review)

I love selling used clothes and other items.  Currently, I use ebay and craigslist and a few local FB swap sites on a regular basis.  When I  discovered you could just pack up and send clothes to ThredUp–I had to give it a try!  you can read my previous post about buying on ThredUp here.

ThredUp sent me a HUGE bag with postage on it.  Since I wasn’t sure what the payout would be I chose to send just a few items in.  After I sent the bag-it took a few days for it to be received and then a few weeks to be processed.  When I received the e-mail with my payout–I was disappointed, to say the least!  I sent in 6 items (toddler/baby boy) in excellent condition.  My payout- $3.65.  They total ThredUp would receive for my items–$36.50.  You receive 10% of the sales. Long story short–for the minimal payout–I would have rather donated!

There is a local kids consignment shop near me that will “buy” toddler/baby clothes.  I have had moderate luck with them – but definitely better than ThredUp.  Although selling on ebay is more work (taking pictures, creating the listing and packing/shipping) they payout is significantly higher and may well be worth it!