A Review of Buying Used (kids clothes)

So let’s face it. . .kids grow in and out of clothes, just about as fast as they can steal a cookie.  If I had to buy new clothes for my tiny for every season and every growth spurt, i’d be spending lots of $$.  Instead, I have relied on my generous friends for hand me downs, generous in-laws for new and special clothing items, our local thrift shops, local kids consignment shops and online used clothing shops!  Here’s a rundown of all those!

Hand me downs! | I love them, I never say no!  I sometime clarify if they want the clothes back, or what I should do with clothes we won’t use.  But end of story-these clothes are free, and for some seasons/sizes have been the stable of my tinies wardrobe.

Gifts-I have super generous in-laws who also love to be helpful!  Since they love to bring an outfit or two every time they visit, I try to keep them updated on the right size.  And sometimes I let them know if there is something specific we are looking for (sweatshirt, raincoat, etc.).  I’m lucky, my in-laws love to spoil their teeny tiny, and aren’t offended when I offer direction so we get the most use out of it!

Goodwill/thrift stores – When I have a free afternoon or am in the mood, I sometimes head over to our Goodwill for some tiny clothes hunting!   I have gotten some GREAT scores here.  Here’s the key, you might only get a few items each time, but going several times can equal a LOT of clothes for very little money.  I know all stores vary their prices, but mine charges $1-4 for most tiny clothing items.  I am still a graduate student, and I get an additional 10% off.  I have the space, so if I see an item I love in future size or season, I snag it and save it!

Local consignment shop- We have two of these that I frequent.  One is a local, small shop.  I typically consign my items there and get 50% back in store credit which I use for cloth diaper supplies (which they also sell!).  I don’t always love their selection–a little too trendy/frilly for my liking.  But I have found a few great things there.  I just recently discovered Once Upon a Child.  Ours is HUGE, and they have tons of clothes ranging from $3-7 in the toddler size!  Great option for some basics, and I am able to find all the mainstream names so I know that clothes will fit.

Online consignment shops- I thought I would love these! Shopping used from the convenience of my couch-which I love!  But, some of the items I have bought the fabric has felt different than expected.  Not necessarily bad, but if you are expecting soft, and get something stiff/rigid its disappointing.  Another downside is prices are a bit higher, and you pay for shipping.  But they do have great return policies.  A great option, but not my favorite.


One last option–yard sales!  I recently snagged a ton of clothes a few sizes up (average 25-75 cents an item!)  That’s the best price out of all the options!  Now granted there’s a lot more chance/luck involved with this, but still something to consider.


Hopefully my thriftyness/frugalness now with my tinies wardrobe will pay off!