DIY Stokke Sleepi Crib Sheet


I fell in love with the stokke sleepi, and earlier you can read how I scored one on craigslist!  -YES!  Well–then I looked and realized how much sheets and bedding for those bad boys cost $$$$!!  My mom is a pretty good seamstress/sewer-so I solicited her to help me figure out how to DIY/Sew a crib sheet that wouldn’t cost me major money.  We were successful!  The steps are pretty easy and only requires basic sewing skills.

-a full bed sheet or 2 yards of fabric
-elastic (i preferred 1/2 inch, but 1/4 inch will work too)
-baby safety pin to help thread elastic
-fabric pen


One | Lay your crib mattress on top of the sheet or fabric (do this!  there are different stokke mattresses out there that are slightly different).  Measure and mark 9 inches around the entire mattress on the fabric.  Cut around your marking.  You should have a GIANT oval of fabric

Two | Fold 1/4 inch around the oval, press (if you wish) and stitch

Three | Fold 1 inch around the oval-press, and stitch making a casing.  Leave a one-inch opening to thread your elastic through.  You can mark this with pins

Four | Thread your elastic through the casing.  I used about 60 inches of elastic, but test and see what tightness works best for you.

Five | Overlap the beginning and ends of the elastic about 2-3″ and sew them together using a zig zag stitch.  Go back and forth a few times to make sure they are super secure!

Alright–pretty simple, I might update with some photos later, but there you have it! Pretty basic.  In all honesty, I think making a crib sheet for the oval was MUCH easier than making it for a traditional crib.

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