Toddler Cloth Diapers


Another, and hopefully the last update on cloth diapers.  Operation potty train will begin this spring!

There is so much information on cloth diaperings newborns and infants, so I figured I would write a post on our toddler cloth diaper experience.

Our current stash:

14 bumgenius elementals
14 thirsties hemp/cotton doublers
24 green mountain diapers red edge prefolds
5 thirsties duo covers size 2

**as much as I loved the bumgenius freetimes, I was tired of dealing with cleaning microfiber, and they weren’t as easy to add a doubler to as the elementals.  So in to storage they went!

So our little bird will mostly wear the thirsties covers with one padfold/trifolded prefold at home in the evenings and weekends.  I love these covers.  They hold up great!  The snaps and elastic are still going strong after a year of use.  They do require a little “finagling” to make them work/fit well.  So we don’t send these to daycare.  But if I were home with him all day, I would use them all the time.

For daycare, I add a hemp doubler in the bumgenius elementals. At nighttime, we have been happy with using 1 disposable diaper a month.  We buy a box of 70 diapers for $12.99.

At around 18 months we hit a stumbling block in cloth diapering.  Littlebird was wetting through his diapers so we needed to add some extra absorbency.  This is when we added the doubler to the elementals.

So the cost of the diapers that we have been using for the past year.

14 bumgenius elementals (21.95 each = 307.50) **We used these starting at 6months
5 thirsties duo size 2 (12.5 each =63)
14 thirsties hemp inserts (used for $2 each- 28)

My wash routine is pretty simple.  I shake out any solid waste into the toilet and toss everything in a trashcan with a wetbag liner.  If a cover is just wet and not soiled, I spray it with my DIY essential oil refreshener spray and let it air dry and use it again.  95% of the time I am able to do diaper wash ONCE a week.  I do 1 wash cycle (cold/cold) – no detergent.  Then a second wash cycle (hot/cold)- with Tide detergent.  I either hang dry or use the dryer.  Nice and easy!

I buy most of my cloth diapers at my local cloth diaper store The Nesting House, or from GreenMountain Diapers.

You can read my other cloth diaper posts here or here.  I think the moral or lesson of my cloth diapering journey is to get a few different options.  Not too many, but 3-4 so that you can learn what you love.  And hang on to stuff you don’t love right away, because you might love it in a few months!





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