Washing a Diaper Bag



This is one of those times I wish I had taken before and after photos.  I didn’t have much faith in my washing attempt, so I didn’t bother with before photos.  But trust me, the difference is amazing!

I have been using this diaper bag for about 2 years.  The past few months I have found us using the diaper bag less and less.  I was debating whether to save this for future children or donate.  The make or break was whether or not I could get this bad boy clean again.  This Skip Hop Duo diaper bag was one of the few brand new baby items we bought.  Over the past few years there have been some minor spills and stains, but most recently a major tea incident!  An entire travel mug of tea spilled all over the inside and seeped through and stained the exterior waterproof fabric from the inside out.  The manufacturer suggests spot cleaning.  I tried spot cleaning but then the bag started to smell from being wet.   I searched google/pinterest/etc to see if I could find any success stories for cleaning similar diaper bags.  No luck finding any advice.  So as a last ditch effort, I threw this puppy into the wash.  I did a hot/cold cycle.  Everything seemed ok, and then since I had so many issues drying it after the spot cleaning, I just threw this in the dryer with a few towels.  And BAM-it came it in like new condition.  I was super impressed.  And happy–I love this diaper bag, and am so happy I was able to get in bag into like new condition for future use.

So, if you have a diaper bag like the skip hop duo that needs rescuing.  A trip through the laundry might be the ticket!

**Wash at your own risk, as it is against manufacturers advice**



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