What I Spent and What we Ate




I am hoping for this to become a regular weekly post!  As a busy working mom, getting healthy meals on the table each week is definitely a lot of work.  I strive to get the best deal and save money when we can, but I have also learned that sometimes it is worth it to spend for convenience.

This was probably a strange week for me to start this up.  It was my birthday and we hosted a party and we had family staying in town with us.  But better now than never!

Here’s what I spent:
$79.85 at aldi (pantry staples, breakfast foods and some produce)
$75 at wegmans (party sandwich platter and supplies)
$14 produce club (I will write a future post about this great way I get produce!)
$40 at Wegmans (salmon, rice pilaf and spinach)

Total: 208.85  **definitely on the higher side, and we had some takeout mixed in.  Hoping to do better next week.  We don’t have a specific set grocery budget as we are still trying to get in the groove with our busy schedules and balancing cost with convenience.

Dinner: pantry black bean pasta with tomato sauce and spring salad
Breakfast- homemade granola, english muffins, stolen and fruit
Lunch-tuna melts and butternut squash soup
Dinner-tortellini soup, salad with cranberries, pecans, blue cheese, apples and balsamic dressing
Brunch out with my sister for a birthday treat
Lunch- pizza ($16 +salad)
Dinner- Sandwich tray , leftover soup, chips. Party food (pigs in a blanket, spinach dip and hummus and veggies)
breakfast- fruit, English muffins, yogurt
Lunch-leftover sandwiches and fruit
Dinner- salad and roasted potatoes
Breakfast- fruit
Dinner- salad and roasted potatoes (leftovers)
Lunch-leftovers at my parents
Dinner- lasagna, salad and bread at my parents
Breakfast- fruit
Lunch-leftovers/stuff from fridge and pantry
Dinner- Salmon, roasted cauliflower, rice pilaf and green beans
Breakfast- crustless spinach and egg quiche, blueberry muffins and potato latkes

Lunch-salad/stuff from fridge




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