Essential Oil Recipe Roundup

ESSENTIAL OILrecipe roundup.png

As I am sure many of you know, essential oils have become a popular/trendy thing these past few years!  I always forget/doubt my knowledge in this area until I sit back and remember that I have been using essential oils since high school!  My mom started using them before they were “a thing” and slowly over the past decade and a half I have accumulated quite a collection of oils, recipes and uses.  Slowly but surely, they have made their way into my household essentials.  It might seem overwhelming to switch all your cleaning products and personal products to natural/homemade essential oils- because it is!  I have made the switch slowly, and there are still some conventional cleaning products and hygiene products I just haven’t found the perfect swap for yet.  If you are looking to get started, take a look at some of my recipes! Here is a list of all my posts with essential oils!

Here is a list of all my posts with essential oils!  All of them I am still using on a regular basis.  I find making the recipes to be relaxing–if I didn’t enjoy it,  you can bet I wouldn’t spend my time and energy on it.  It’s just an added bonus that I know that I am eliminating some potentially harmful chemicals from my home.

Essential Oil Bath Soak Recipe

DIY Essential Oil Freshener Spray

Homemade Bath Salts.

Essential Oil/Zinc Sunscreen Stick

A Journey with Eczema and a DIY cream

Non-toxic essential oil toilet bowl cleaner

Essential Oil Spray Deodorant

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

Home Made Handsoap

DIY Diaper Wipes


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