Five Frugal Things



1)  Meal Planning: I did some meal planning over the weekend to help maximize leftovers and to avoid too much eating out.

2) $50 grocery coupon: Sometimes grocery shopping doesn’t fit into my schedule.  I frequently order from FreshDirect (a grocery delivery service) and this week I had a $50 off coupon!  WoohoO!

3) Using cloth diapers: This could be on my list EVERY week.  Using cloth diapers has saved us soo much money!

4) Making my own bath soak: I love taking a bath and even more than that I love bath salts and bath soaks.  This week I made up a detoxifying bath soak for just a few dollars that will last me several weeks!

5) Cleaning out the fridge: I was able to catch some spinach before it went bad and throw it in the freezer for smoothies.  I also took some bananas that were too brown and put them in the freezer for banana bread.


What frugal things have you done this week?


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