What I Spent and What We Ate

goal budget is $125/week or $500/month
$78.87- FreshDirect ($50 off coupon + free delivery)
Produce club -$26.08
Produce Club
Aldi – $40.37
Total: 145.32 That’s only $20.32 over budget!  I am super excited about this!!!  I stocked up on enough groceries at Aldi that I won’t need much next week, and our produce club will be closer to $5 next week as well.  I am hopeful we will be under budget!
Saturday 1/28
breakfast |  crustless spinach quiche, blueberry muffins and potato latkes
lunch | salad
dinner | fish cakes made with leftover salmon, leftover rice, and salad
Sunday 1/29
breakfast | leftover quiche and bananas
lunch | leftover fish cakes and salad
dinner | take out
Monday 1/30
breakfast | bananas and oatmeal
lunch | leftovers
dinner | Chicken Tacos with cornbread
Tuesday 1/31
breakfast | bananas and oatmeal
lunch | lunch date in Philly
dinner | Chicken Stir fry, white rice and salad.  The chicken stir fry was from a FreshDirect meal kit.  The meal kit was 13.99 and included the below ingredients.  It did not come with the rice or salad, but those were easy enough for me to add.
 It was enough for 2 adults and 1 toddler for dinner and enough for one of us to have leftovers.  It was super easy to make and a great option!  I am sure I could have made this for way cheaper without the meal kit, but i think it was well worth the convenience.
FreshDirect Chicken Stir Fry Kit
Wednesday 2/1
breakfast | bananas
lunch | leftovers
dinner | Chicken Enchiladas, salad and leftover cornbread
Thursday 2/2
breakfast | fruit
lunch | leftover chicken enchiladas
dinner | Chicken WonTon Soup
Friday 2/3
breakfast | fruit
lunch | leftovers
dinner | Pizza slices for Mr. Bird and little bird, I am having dinner with my book club
What did you spend and what did you eat this week?

2 thoughts on “What I Spent and What We Ate”

  1. Do you make your own wontons for the wonton soup? I have been trying unsuccessfully to find wonton wrappers. I made it years ago and have been craving it. Do you find Aldis to be a good store? I am going to get my husband to take me over the border for my birthday and really want to check one out.


  2. I do make my own wontons. I can only find the wrappers at a few stores in my area. So I have to plan for making this soup! I do really like Aldi for stocking up on some of the basics (flour, sugar, oil, oatmeal, cereal, organic broth, organic canned beans). I don’t love their fresh produce or meats, but they suffice when I don’t feel like going elsewhere!


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