My Kitchen Must-Haves

must have kitchen tools and gadgets

A well-oiled kitchen is worth its weight in gold!  We just finished a very small kitchen update.  This update has made HUGE changes in how our kitchen functions, and I couldn’t be happier. Between my new kitchen layout and some of my favorite kitchen gadgets, I have been happy as a clam and cooking more than I ever have!

Being able to cook and enjoy it saves us money in takeout and eating out costs.

Here are some of my favorite Kitchen Items:

Small Appliances
Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
Cuisinart Food Processor (I have this one)
Electric Kettle (this one)  I was given this as a gift from my sister 3 years ago!  She got one as a wedding gift from someone who highly recommended it.  My mom got one shortly after, and then my other sister got one a few years ago as well.  Basically, it is well tested by my family and works fantastic!
Vitamix-for the smoothest soups and smoothies!

Vollrath Metal Bowls (size 1-1/2, 3 and 5 quarts and 8 quart)
Metal Measuring Cups and Spoons
Quality Knives   This is such a personal preference, I have an older version of this set.  I like the smaller blade/handle set up for my small hands.
Sheet Pans.  I have 6 of these!  I use them for baking and roasting veggies.
9 x 13 metal pans.  I have 5 of these, I love that I have enough that I can double make recipes and freeze one in a metal pan.  Saves me money in the long wrong from buying disposable pans
Digital Scale.  Maybe not a necessity for you.  But one of the recipe blogs I love to use, uses weights for most of the measurements.

I would LOVE to own a full set of all clad cookware, someday maybe.  But right now I have a set that was a gift from my mom when I was in high school!  I kept it in my closet until I moved out on my own. It’s a stainless steel cookware set with copper bottoms. I really do use the whole set.  I have added a 5-quart pan with lid, and 2 nonstick pans.  I wish I had a non-stick brand to recommend.  Despite valiant efforts, I feel as if I have been replacing these every 5 years.

Food storage
I try to avoid storing and reheating food in plastic.  I love the pyrex glass containers, as well as an old set of Corningware baking dishes with glass lids.  I also use mason jars for storing soups and salads.

A large serving platter is a MUST, if you spend all this time cooking good food, you want to be able to present it nicely to your family and/or guests.

A fancy cake stand to display your desserts.  I just have a simple glass one.  But I have been everything this one at Macy’s

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets, or kitchen must-haves?


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