How I stay organized

Staying Organized

Life is busy.  But here’s the thing.  It is busy for everyone.  I do not like being that friend that spaces out and misses a coffee date, or the wife that forgets that my husband has a big work meeting or a mama that misses a school party!

Here are some of the tools that I use to keep organized.


download-1Google Calendar:  I use this like nobody’s business. It syncs to my phone, so pretty much I always have access to my calendar.  I get reminders on my computer AND phone.   I add events for my personal calendar.  If I have something that means that my husband needs to be home with littlebird–I invite him to it and add a note saying that he needs to make sure he’s home, OR if he has something schedule I know to get a sitter.  I am starting to use this feature if I make plans with a friend-I invite them to my google event too.

I also use this as a reminder tool.  I will schedule reminders such as schedule dentist appointment, call and cancel this credit card, when library books are due, etc.


Paper Calendar:  I do like to keep track of personal goals, and some to-do lists on paper.  For this I use a simple paper calendar.  This year I am using a cute personalized one my mother in law got for me.


download-3EverNote:  This app has changed my life.  I have barely touched the surface of all this app can do.  Right now I use it for meal planning, blog planning, storing recipes (food and essential oil).  I also create notebooks to store vacation notes, health information, home information, work paperwork.  I can access it on my computer and my phone.  I can add pictures instantaneously, sync PDFs and link to websites.


Waking up Early:   This might seem silly, but if I wake up at 5am, 2 hours before littlebid wakes up, that is 2 WHOLE hours I have to think and plan clearly.  I don’t spend all this time planning/organizing, but it gives MrBird and I a chance to sync up about our day or week’s schedules without being interrupted.  It also gives me time to plan and assess.  I might be a little more tired from waking up early, but I am certainly less frazzled!


Patience/Grace:  Despite my best efforts, I am human and imperfect.  I miss deadlines and I make errors.  I try hard not to beat myself up over these things.  I give myself grace, and realize that I am busy, and have a lot going on. I try to figure out what happened and see if I can prevent the same mistake from happening again.  AND I apologize to whoever I impacted with my error.

What are your must-have tools for staying organized?


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