What I spent and What We Ate (February 4-10)

goal budget is $125/week or $500/month
$76.50– FreshDirect
$6.50– produce club
$31.36 – Aldi
total – $114.36  ($10 under budget!)
I was pretty pleased with my cooking this week.  I was able to use up some produce (butternut squash, cauliflower and sweet potatoes) and use up the coconut milk that was going to expire next month!  We also stuck to our goal of eating vegetarian a few times week.  We had 2 “meal kits” that we ordered from FreshDirect, they were ok–although extremely convenient, the flavors and cooking methods aren’t our favorites.
Saturday 2/4
Breakfast | fruit
Lunch | leftover chicken wonton soup
Dinner | leftovers/freezer findings
Sunday 2/5
Breakfast | omelets
Lunch |  Chicken curry, rice (from freezer), naan and roasted cauliflower
Dinner |  misc. snacks at super bowl party!
Monday 2/6
Breakfast | fruit
Lunch | leftovers
Dinner | Moroccan Chicken, quinoa and salad.
Tuesday 2/7
Breakfast | fruit
Lunch | salads
Dinner | Root Vegetable Gratin and salad from this recipe!  Blog post about it coming soon!
Wednesday 2/8
Breakfast | oatmeal and fruit
Lunch | leftovers
Dinner | thai coconut and curry butternut squash soup and bread  (we were not huge fans of this soup-oh well!)
Thursday 2/9
Breakfast | oatmeal and fruit
Lunch | leftover soup
Dinner | garlic chicken, smashed potatoes and salad
Friday 2/10
Breakfast | fruit
Lunch | leftovers and salad
Dinner | bacon egg and leek risotto and brussel sprouts

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