Happy Valentines Day and 5 Frugal Things!


  1. I made breadcrumbs.  I had a collection of bread odds and ends in my freezer.  I toasted them up, put them in my food processor, packaged them up and back in the freezer for when I need them!
  2.  I have stepped up my meal planning game, and we only did take once in the last 2 weeks.  This has saved us money and helped us to eat healthier.  This is a HUGE improvement from our 2x a week takeout.
  3. This month I used up 2 cans of coconut milk that were going to expire.
  4. Making homemade stock.  We had a rotisserie chicken for dinner over the weekend, and I threw the carcass in my instant pot with a half onion, carrot and celery stalk and let it simmer for 10 hours overnight.  I got 8 cups of nice strong chicken stock.
  5. Organizing my “used” gift wrap.  I am very quick to save used gift bags, tissue paper and even large sheets of used wrapping paper.  I had it all tossed in a large box in the basement from the holidays and got around to organizing.  We should be set with wrapping supplies for birthdays this year and next year’s Christmas.

What frugal things have you done lately?


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day and 5 Frugal Things!”

  1. I made a curry butternut squash soup–but we didn’t love it! I usually make an easy curry that uses coconut milk.

    1-2 sauteed onions (diced or sliced), 2 tablespoons curry paste and a can of coconut milk simmered. I’ll add protein or veggies and serve over rice.


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