My Favorite Essential Oils


As I have talked about in a few other posts, I have been using essential oils for 10+ years.  I use them in a variety of ways.  Some of my favorite ways to use them are cleaners, beauty/bath products and occasionally for therapeutic/medicinal purposes.  Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection.  In my opinion, quality oils are expensive, although well worth it!  It can be difficult to know where to start and how much to spend off the bat.

Currently, there are two brands that I recommend and continue to purchase from, Young Living and Plant Therapy.  I personally love YoungLiving oils, i find their scents and therapeutic properties to be unmatched.  However, there is not always sufficient education and information provided for their oils, for this reason, I love and rely on Plant Therapy.  Especially when using essential oils for kids, Plant Therapy has a KidSafe line.  These oils are labeled and easy to ID.

So here’s a few must have essential oils (in my opinion) to get started with.

  • Lavender– Young Living Brand.  KidSafe.
    • This is my go-to oil for destressing.  (After a few whiffs, I am calm as a clam.)
    • Perfect for adding to homemade bath salts
    • fresh, floral and clean scent
  • Thieves– Young Living Brand
    • An antimicrobial and immune boosting oil.
    • Plant Therapy has a KidSafe blend GermDestroyer.  If you don’t need to worry about KidSafe, I recommend thieves, the scent and effectiveness is much better.
    • Can be diffused, added to cleaning solutions or air freshener sprays
    • rich, spicy scent
  • Citrus Blend- either Plant Therapy or Young Living Brands
    • helps to reduce odors
    • can be added to homemade cleaning solutions
    • fresh inspiring scent
  • Respiratory Blend – RC (Young Living) RespirAid(Plant Therapy) or Sniffle Stopper (KidsSafe Plant Therapy)
    • clear congestions and helps you breathe easier
    • cool, crisp, wintery, forest scent
  • One or two blends that match your scent preferences.  Here are a few of my favorites
    • Joy (Young Living) -invites a sense of romance, bliss and warmth
    • Gentle Baby (Young Living) – A calming, floral, earthy scent
    • Let it Go (Plant Therapy) , Peace and Calming (Young Living) – gentle aroma of citrus, floral and patchouli.




Recommended Diffusers


  • Young Living Home Diffuser- I have 2 of these in my home, and I love them.  It is attractive, diffuses well, and so far has held up for a few years.
  • Plant Therapy AromaFuse Diffuser -this diffuser has a very large water reservoir, meaning it can run for a long time!  I often give this one as a gift to friends and family.  I just recently gave this to my sister for Christmas.  I don’t know how it holds up, but Plant Therapy is known for their excellent customer service.


If you are interested in getting started with YoungLiving oils, you can order your Premium Starter Kit (which comes with a Home Diffuser) for $165 plus shipping and handling!

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