Mission to Minimalize


The past year or so, we have been working hard to live a more minimalist life.  We have introduced practices such as “no buy” months.  These are months where we buy nothing but food and other essentials.

We have ruthlessly eliminated extra clothes and clutter from our house.  We have made multiple trips to our local goodwill, scheduled at least a dozen greendrop picks, and despite all this; we are still overwhelmed with stuff.

My goal over the next few months is to systematically go through each and every room of our house and get rid of EVERYTHING that is unnecessary, unused or doesn’t add value to our lives.

Here is the list of rooms to be attacked:

Living Room
Dining Room
half bathroom

Master Bedroom
Little Bird’s Room
Guest Room

3rd Floor
Living Room

My hope is that truly focusing on eliminating stuff and in the process hopefully organizing, I will be able to define specific spaces.  Right now we store office supplies in the foyer, the playroom and up on the 3rd floor.  Where’s the stapler? Let me run all over the house to find it!  I want to have clearly defined spaces and places for everything.

I think some of the biggest challenges will be tackling some memories/emotions when it comes to pairing down little birds GINORMOUS collection of books, toys and clothes.  Additionally, I think I need to just come to terms that I might have to be running up to the 3rd floor for office supplies.  Although not super convenient, I think it will greatly reduce stress to contain office items to just one space.

Are you working to declutter or simplify the stuff in your life?


2 thoughts on “Mission to Minimalize”

  1. Getting rid of clutter is liberating! I thought I knew how to clean out before we downsized, but after we had downsized, I learned how to get rid of unneeded things. If you have the opportunity to move to a smaller home, take it. It helped us find value in each other over material possessions. It also helps us with not spending money on “treasures.”

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  2. Thanks for the comment! I sometimes wish we were moving to a smaller space so that I could be “forced” to get rid of unneeded things! Having the “space” is crippling for me to make decisions on getting rid of things.


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