Mission to Minimalize | update!

Mission to minimalize

So this last week came with a huge job update for me.  I have been in a holding pattern for the past few months waiting to start my new full time job.  I just found out a hopefully official start date of mid-march.  The race is on to get decrease our posessions, clutter and stress in just 2-3 weeks.

Here is the progress so far:

Living Room
Dining Room
half bathroom | although probably the smallest room in our house, and possibly the easiest.  I am glad this one is done.  I went through the medicine cabinet and threw out old expired medications.  I sorted through my cosmetics and threw away and gave away some of the items I don’t use.  I also went through some of the lotions and soaps and decided what to keep downstairs and moved some to the upstairs bathroom so we can remember to use it up.

Master Bedroom
Little Bird’s Room
Guest Room

3rd Floor
Living Room
Office This was tackled by Mr. Bird!  Woohoo.  We have been working on painting and rearranging the 3rd floor.  He took it upon himself to organize and consolidate the office area up there.  Glad this one is done.  I hate organizing office stuff.


Do you have any minimizing/organizing goals?  Have you made any progress?


10 thoughts on “Mission to Minimalize | update!”

  1. I feel like I’m always on a “minimalist mission”! 🙂 Last night once Little Daisy went to sleep, I turned on some great music and went through my dresser drawers, specifically the top catch-all drawers. I found THREE strapless bras with tags on them that I had no idea were in there. I’m going to throw them up on eBay since they are all new and the same size and see if there are any takers!

    I just found your blog through The Frugal Girl, I’m looking forward to visiting regularly!


    1. Thanks for commenting! So glad you found me over here 🙂 I feel like with a kid, I will always be minimalizing.

      Good idea to post those bras on ebay! I’ve been surprised,but I have actually had great success selling lightly used and new bras on ebay. Hope you have some good success too! I haven’t sold on e-bay in 6 months or so, maybe I should get back on that bandwagon!


  2. We are on a role at our house! We have gone through my clothes, my husband has gone through his, done the laundry/craft room, the furnace room and the storage room. The amount of stuff we have sold, donated and tossed is unbelievable.

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    1. I am super impressed! Even more impressed that you minimalized your storage! How do you guys decide what to donate vs sell? I sometimes just get lazy and donate everything and then realize I may have missed out on some opportunities for $$.


  3. My wife loves to go through the house twice a year right before our neighborhood yard sales, which are held in the spring and fall. I joke around with her and say, you have a one in and one out policy (whenever I get something new I must get rid of something), so I’m not sure what else you want to get rid of. Somehow she always finds something new but she’s like you in that she loves to minimize things in the house.

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    1. I wish our house was in a prime location for our town yard sale! We try so hard to have a one in and one out policy, but I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with it. I definitely think my need/want to control things is the driving factor to wanting a minimalist home.

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    1. Congrats on getting your taxes done, and doing them yourself! Financial organization is definitely not my strong suit–I leave that to Mr. Bird. For me organizing physical possessions is easier and less stressful than $$ organization.


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