What I spent and What we Ate



goal budget is $125/week or $500/month – Monthly Running total currently: $436.39

Produce Club $2.00
Aldi $52.43
vacation Stop and Shop: $65
total= $119.43
Underbudget (barely).  I debated whether or not to take the stop and shop groceries out of our grocery budget or our vacation budget.  But since we have been doing so well on groceries this month, I decided to just lump it in with groceries.  We did a lot of pantry and leftover eating this week.  No new exciting dishes, just some old favorites.

(I just snapped this quick picture of my groceries on the conveyer belt.  We have been enjoying the $1.99 bagged salads as quick lunches when we don’t have leftovers.  Aldi also had pancetta for $2.49, which is a steal compared to what I pay elsewhere so I stocked up and bought 4 packages.  They last about 3-4 months in the fridge, and much longer in the freezer.  Little Bird has been loving those danimals yogurt smoothies, and although I don’t love the $ or the sugar content, it is a nice bribe to get him to eat his dinner (and hey, there are worse things to bribe with than a yogurt smoothie right?!).

Saturday 2/18
Dinner | vacation  (homemade lasagna, broccoli and garlic bread)
Sunday 2/19
Dinner | fried rice and teriyaki chicken (freezer/pantry)
Monday 2/20
Dinner | fish cakes (freezer) and root vegetable casserole
Tuesday 2/221 
Dinner | frozen pizza
Wednesday 2/22
Dinner | risotto
Thursday 2/23
Dinner | leftovers and bagels (totally random, but better than take out!)
Friday 2/24
Dinner | homemade white pizza

11 thoughts on “What I spent and What we Ate”

  1. I was just reading the Aldi ad for our local store yesterday and they will have bagged salad for $0.69 this week! I wish it could be frozen 😦 But I will definitely be having huge salads for lunch all week!

    Nothing wrong with the bribe. When I became a mother, I never would have imagined my days would be spend bargaining with a toddler. 😛

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    1. Haha I know! I was actually stuck in line for quite a while and decided to take advantage of it! The guy in front of me had bought cases of all his items. So he and the cashier had to count how many of each item he had before they scanned.


  2. We often have bagels to round out leftover meals. Of course, since I am the soup queen, leftovers usually consist of a soup or stew so that all kind of works out. 😉

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  3. Aldi is by far our favorite find in the last couple of years. They opened up one a couple of years ago and we have frequented it ever since. I definitely remember how sparse it was in the beginning with customers but now it seems as crowded as our local wal-mart.


    1. We have been shopping at Aldi’s for about 8 years now! Crazy! I feel like things have changed as much for us as they have for them! Their selection/variety has improved drastically in the past few years, and I especially love that they carry organic and non-GMO food products.

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