Mission to Minimalize | update #2

Mission to minimalize

So actually ended up starting my new full time job this week!  I found out pretty last minute my  date was moving up 2 weeks.  Oh boy was it a scramble to get myself ready.  I had some shopping for work attire that I needed to do, and wanted to stock up on some household essentials as well as finishing my decluttering goals!  There is still a lot left, which I guess I will squeeze into evenings and weekends.  But here is our progress so far

Here is the progress so far:


Living Room

Dining Room



half bathroom 


Master Bedroom | Let me start out by saying our “master” bedroom is tiny!  It has room for 1 queen bed, 2 very  small nightstands and 1 mid-sized dresser.  And that’s it.  So this room constantly feels “cluttered” in my opinion, but I think its just too small for a “master”.  The largest bedroom in the house has outdated drop ceilings and old carpeting. Our goal is to re-do that room this year and turn it into a master.  I do think I did a great job of cleaning out and organizing our clothes.  I got rid of almost 2 trash bags full of unworn and old clothes.  I kon-marie’d our dresser and folded the clothes sideways instead of in stacks.   At first I didn’t like it, but I think it has been easier for me to see what is in my dresser.  It also has made it more obvious to me what clothes I am not wearing.

Bathroom | I guess I need to call this more of a declutter than a true cleanout/minimalizing.  But I did get a lot of crap stuff back in it’s place and organized the medicine cabinets and shelves.

Little Bird’s Room | This was not super time consuming and but definitely emotionally draining.  It’s so clear when I shift out his wardrobe that he is growing up so fast.  I love the toddler he has become, but I miss that squishy baby.

Since the season are about to change, I was able to pack up some of the winter stuff that he had outgrown and switch in some spring clothes (mostly hand-me downs and gifts from my in-laws).  I also organized his bookshelf and packed up some of the books either he is not interested in, or that my husband and I are sick of reading.

Little Bird loves to bring some of his favorite toys to bed with him, so I sorted through a bunch of trucks, care and trains and returned them to their proper home.  I also sorted through his cloth diapers and straightened that area up, packed up a few things we don’t use anymore to make room for pull ups and underwear!

Guest Room


3rd Floor

Living Room | I went through and packed up some of the toys that Little Bird no longer plays with.  I sorted them to save and packed some up to give away.  We have a large entertainment unit/storage that is mostly empty!  I want to figure out the best way to store some toys in there so we can lessen the toys that are out in the open.


Do you have any minimizing/organizing goals?  Have you made any progress?


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6 thoughts on “Mission to Minimalize | update #2”

  1. Great progress Katy 🙂 Also, congrats on starting the new job – must be exciting!

    I’m trying to set my schedule so I can balance friends, family, and work. I recently took on a new consulting gig which will require 4-5 hours a week. Essentially, I’m looking to minimize the time I “waste” each day.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. That’s awesome that your date was moved up plus to continue with decluttering. I have a feeling I wouldn’t want to do anything after starting a new job but relax. I have a tendency when put into a new situation to get super stressed and need more downtime to relax and unwind.

    Currently we don’t have any projects but I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before my wife decides that it’s time to declutter an area of the house 🙂


  3. Congratulations Katy! I admire your quest on de-cluttering. It’s something I need to do, I just haven’t set hard goals on it. My goals for this year are to set goals 🙂 hahah!!


    1. Setting goals is half the battle! It took me almost a year and half to set some goals, but I am so glad I did. I might not reach them, but at least I am making some progress.


  4. I love your methodical and trackable methodology. I also do this anytime I feel like I’m faced with a task that is too big for me. I also do it with any large projects like when I reroofed my house. It helps me stay on track and not make it such a big deal in my mind. It also helps me find areas where expenses and time can be minimized.

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