What I spent and What we Ate



goal budget is $125/week or $500/month – Monthly Running total currently: $121.12

Fresh Direct : 58.76
Produce Club : 2.00
Aldi : 60.36
weekly total:  $121.12
Underbudget (barely).  I was a little surprised by this: I didn’t buy a ton of food or do a ton of stocking up. I think the culprit is FreshDirect.  FreshDirect is super convenient (hello online grocery shopping and delivery to my door!), but I definitely pay a premium for it.  

I snapped this photo of our cart!  Pretty basic shopping trip.  I picked up some jars of tomato sauce for a quick pasta night if needed, as well as stocking up on some chicken broth (I used up all of my homemade broth).  I try not to eat a ton of bread/carbs, but I have been eyeing the organic breads that our Aldi recently started carrying, so I bought a loaf and might have toast this week for breakfast.  You might also spy in the cart a tub of frozen eclairs.  We go to a small group every Sunday and there are always snacks, and we have never brought anything, so for $5 an easy treat to share with our friends.  I also bought pack of Kerrygold butter.  Total impulse buy, but I keep seeing ads for it on Top Chef, so I wanted to try it for myself.  I’ll let you know if my butter and toast is exceptional!
Saturday 2/25
Dinner |homemade white broccoli and sausage pizza
Sunday 2/26
Dinner | chicken won ton soup and salad
Monday 2/27
Dinner | chicken teriyaki
Tuesday 2/28
Dinner | turkey meatloaves and potatoes
Wednesday 3/1
Dinner | leftover turkey meatloaves
Thursday 3/2
Dinner | takeout pizza
Friday 3/3
Dinner | planning on making salmon and rice
**I am extremely pleased that we only did 1 night of takeout.  It was unplanned, but definitely nice and needed!  My work hours were longer than I expected this week, which made coming home to cook dinner more challenging.  I had actually made the turkey meatloaves Monday night and all we had to do was reheat them. So really I wasn’t able to cook dinner any day but Monday.  I am thinking this is going to need to be a normal thing going forward.
Any suggestions for recipes that reheat well?
What did you eat this week?

6 thoughts on “What I spent and What we Ate”

  1. Hi Katy! We didn’t eat out for dinner AT ALL this week! Patting myself on the back for that one 🙂 Our menu is up on the blog, so I won’t repeat it here 🙂 I did eat lunch out a few times, but I used my $40 week in spending cash for those expenses. Sometimes, I just need to get out of the office for a bit to break my day up. What is your recipe for the chicken won ton soup? It sounds like something I need to try!


  2. I love wonton soup but it takes me forever to fill the wontons, I have pinned the recipe you use and am looking forward to trying it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! WonTOn filling is time-consuming. But pretty mindless, so I I kind of enjoy it. I can bang out 50 wontons in about 20 minutes. And since the rest of this recipe is super easy, it balances out.


  3. Nice job! I’ve found that chili reheats really well (and actually tastes better the next day or a few days later). I love using my slow cooker to save time and reduce stress at dinner time.
    UGH, I have to lower our grocery bill – it’s over $200 a week right now. 😦 But that includes all non-food items as well. But STILL!


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