Our Favorite Board Games

Do you love board games?  Well, I do!  I am known to keep Bananagrams in my purse and whip it out appropriate inappropriate times during coffee dates or when waiting for a meal at a restaurant.  Mr. Bird and I also sometimes relax after Little Bird goes to bed with a quick game.  And I love hosting game nights!  If you are looking for some good board games, here is a list of some of our favorites!

Bananagrams! Similar to scrabble, but speed and flexibility are key to mastering this word game.  Great for 2 players, but you can play with up to 4.

Dixit  A family game for kids ages 8+.  A low-key story picture guessing game.  For 3-6 players.This is a favorite of ours, and we have yet to find friends or family who doesn’t enjoy it.

Forbidden Island  A collaborative everybody wins together or loses together game. Another low key game, however, this one involves thinking and strategy planning.  For ages 10+ and 2-4 players.

Ticket to Ride A game similar to Monopoly in which there can be multiple strategies to succeed.   Using cards/tickets you will build your train from destination to destination. A great game for 2-5 players and my guess is age 10+

Anomia  I have friends who LOVE this game, and friends that hate this game!  It is a fast-paced, word/symbol association game.  I think its one of those games that if you think a certain way you enjoy it, and if you don’t, you hate it.  I for one, LOVE IT!  For 3-6 players.

Sushi Go A quick, fun and quirky card game where you try to combine cards to create sushi combinations for points.  It’s a quick play.  Ages 8+ for 2-5 players.

Last Word!  This is a super fun party game!  It is recommended for ages 14+ and 2-8 players (although you can play with ANY number of players if you have coins or tokens to use as score pieces).  This is similar to a hot potato word game.  Fun, easy and great for a crowd!

What are your favorite games?



8 thoughts on “Our Favorite Board Games”

  1. Such a fun post! We are a hardcore Euchre family. If there are 4 Euchre playing people in the same house…a game will absolutely break out. We also love Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity (SO much fun). With Little Daisy we play Uno, Candyland, Go Fish, and any other game she comes up with in her imagination 🙂


  2. Hope you find something you like! For my birthday my friend gave me a membership to a local game store that has a game library to borrow from! It’s been nice to try some games and decide if we like them or not without having to buy them.


  3. Love this post! My wife and I are always looking for fun games. Thanks for sharing! I really need to look into Bananagrams. My wife has mentioned it to me before, but I have never played. We own Ticket to Ride and love that one! Exploding Kittens is one of our favorites. It’s quick and easy, which are two major pluses in a home with an infant! 🙂


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