What I spent and What we Ate



goal budget is $125/week or $500/month – Monthly Running total currently: $184.64

Aldi : $63.52
weekly total: $63.52

 This was a SUPER quick picture snapped on the conveyer belt at Aldi.  Here is what I bought, half and half, 3 half gallons of organic whole milk, 2 packages of goldfish, 4 bagged caesar salads, grapes, egg noodles, 2 packages of ground turkey, 1 package of organic chicken breasts, 1 package of frozen mixed vegetables, 1 can of cream of chicken soup, 2 packages of butter, grass fed ground beef, and taco shells  I am sure I got a few other things, but I can’t remember them!
Saturday 3/4
Dinner |linguini, tomato sauce and chicken
Sunday 3/5
Dinner | tacos
Monday 3/6
Dinner | chicken noodle casserole *this was a new recipe, and I am not sure I loved it.  I think I would make it again, and leave the mixed veggies out and serve a vegetable on the side.  The creamy chicken and noodles were delicious!  I just don’t always care for veggies mixed in with
Tuesday 3/7
Dinner |Rotisserie chicken, rice, salad and bread (provided by my in-laws!)
Wednesday 3/8
Dinner |take out pizza from a  local coal fired pizza place (in-laws for the win again here!)
Thursday 3/9
Dinner |Chinese delivery (I had planned on leftovers, but then had a hankering for some chinese food)
Friday 3/10
Dinner | ??  Maybe takeout, or something easy at home.
So this was a totally crazy week!  Mr. Bird was out of town traveling for work monday-friday.  His parents came in to help for 3 nights.  With my new job and still adjusting to my schedule, this was not my finest meal planning week.  But hey, I made an effort and packed a lunch every day.  So that’s somewhat of a win!
What did you eat this week?  Have you tried any new recipes?
How do you cope with a busy week and meal planning? 

4 thoughts on “What I spent and What we Ate”

  1. That picture indeed must have been super quick! I can never keep up with the Aldi conveyor belt, the cashier is usually waiting on me. I echo your sentiment on your new recipe, I can never seem to get veggies (especially the frozen variety) to taste right in a casserole. I like your idea of omitting and just serving them on the side!


    1. Glad I am not alone on the veggie casserole dilemma. There is a smoked paprika, lemon thyme chicken I make that has finely chopped spinach in a cream sauce. I am thinking of maybe trying chopped baby spinach instead of frozen veggies in this casserole next time.


  2. My wife and I had my grandma to visit her great grandson. So she loves pizza so we tried a new place down the street for convenience. It was terrific and we loved the company. So while we spent a little more than we would have liked. We have a fun budget for a reason 🙂


    1. Awesome that you guys tried and loved a new pizza place! I am always torn what to classify our take out expenses as in our budget. Some of the time it is “fun”, but then most of the time it is convenience or lack of planning, so we usually count it towards our food category, but you have me thinking 😉

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