What I spent and What we Ate



I first came across the idea of menu planning and grocery tracking blogging on TheFrugalGirl.  It has been a helpful tool for me to organize our budget and menu!

goal budget is $125/week or $500/month – Monthly Running total currently: $254.54

Aldi : 53.50
Acme: $16.40
weekly total:  $69.90
Underbudget!  I am totally not surprised.  It was slim pickings the end of the week, and we did some serious pantry/freezer eating.   We are doing pretty well in terms of budget.  I have 2 shopping trips left this month.  I looked at the calendar, and this is a tricky month because I counted my end of feb shopping trip towards March, making this month 5 weeks.  

No grocery picture this week!  One of my goals this week was to try to do some baking for breakfasts.  I got my act together and made a loaf of pumpkin bread!  I used this recipe from Deb over at Smitten Kitchen.  She comments that the sugar is the perfect amount and the bread is not too sweet.  And I have made it before following her exact recipe and it is perfectly delicious!  This time, though, to try to be more healthful, I cut the sugar back to 1 cup.
Saturday 3/11
Dinner |dinner over at friends house.  We brought some salad.  She made a turkey and stuffing meatloaf which was delicious!
Sunday 3/12
Dinner | beef tacos
Monday 3/13
Dinner |turkey meat laoves and scalloped potatoes
Tuesday 3/14
Dinner | homemade white pizza
Wednesday 3/15
Dinner | take out (Mr Bird and Little Bird got slices out, and I had a solo night and did chick fil a drive through)
Thursday 3/16
Dinner | breakfast for dinner (Mr Bird did the planning, shopping, and cooking!)
Friday 3/17
Dinner | planning on making salmon and rice (but we might end up with take out due to work/timing)
I am extremely pleased that we only did 1 night of takeout.  It was unplanned, but definitely nice and needed!  My work hours were longer than I expected this week, which made coming home to cook dinner more challenging.  I had actually made the turkey meatloaves Monday night and all we had to do was reheat them. So really I wasn’t able to cook dinner any day but Monday.  I am thinking this is going to need to be a normal thing going forward.
I am really hoping to get a better grip on some quick week night meals.  It is a new challenge for me!  I used to work only a few 12-hour shifts a week and could easily spend my days off cooking nice slow and delicious meals!  Now that I am working a more traditional 9-5 job, I am struggling to find meals that can be ready in 30 minutes with minimal prep work that night.  It’s hard to prep while entertaining a hungry toddler.  Make-ahead casseroles are working well, but I can’t seem to be interested in eating casserole more than 1 night a week ( minus leftovers)!  I need to remind myself to have patience, and takeout for a period of time while we get into a new groove is okay.
Any suggestions for recipes that reheat well?
What did you eat this week?

7 thoughts on “What I spent and What we Ate”

  1. I’m actually working on a Working Mom Meal Plan for the blog! We are out of the house from 6am until at least 530 each day. So I know the pain of trying to cook while entertaining a 3 year old. That is a perfect time to allow some screen time 😊 Small tweaks will make your life easier as you trudge through the working mom life (and rock it like I’m sure you will) Pancakes freeze and reheat well, so do waffles. I personally think that any Italian food tastes great re-heated. And soups! I’m not a huge casserole fan either, there’s only 2.5 of us and my husband can’t take leftovers to work. I feel like I have a lot of waste when I make a casserole. And don’t get me started on the crock pot. I do not like my crock pot. I know I’m going against some sort of mom-cooking code, but I have minimal success. I’ll be sure to send you my meal plan when it’s done, Katy!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement! S0 glad to know there are others with the same schedule struggles as us. I am so excited you are making a working mom meal plan. I am thinking we have a lot of similarities in our cooking preferences–I try SO hard to make that crock pot work for me, but it doesn’t!!


  2. I had a gift card to a local bar and ate there on Monday night. Other than that, it’s been a lot of eggs/tilapia/greens/nuts/fruit. I did a staycation this week and it’s been a fun time – eating in and not doing much has saved me probably $50 🙂 small wins add up!

    Thanks for sharing, have a good weekend.


  3. You’re killing your budget so far! My schedule is kind of weird right now — definitely not 9-5, but bizarre in other ways that make it helpful to work ahead as much as possible. For me this mostly means making a few things over the weekend like pasta, bean or grain salads that work as a side dish or lunch during the week, hard boiling eggs and chopping some veggies. Just having the veggies chopped sometimes makes me feel like I can conquer anything and helps me to cook when I often just want to lay down and have someone feed me tacos. I also like to have a soup or stew that we can eat all week — I’m lucky that both of us can eat leftovers for lunch. I don’t love my crock pot either; there are a few things I use it for that make it worth keeping, but I definitely do not use it all the time nor do I enjoy most crockpot recipes I’ve tried!

    If you have time, there is a YouTube channel, Clean & Delicious, that I really like, particularly her meal prepping videos. She has a good philosophy, I think, about what is reasonable for weeknight meals, which is refreshing.


    1. Thanks for the YouTube channel suggestion. I am going to check that out.

      I also love your suggestion of chopping some veggies in advance-I actually find chopping fun and relaxing, so it might be a great Sunday night activity for me.

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  4. My friends don’t believe it, but I spend $900 on food per month. This is considering the fact that I live alone and don’t eat out! Lol I guess I’m just a big guy who excercises a lot.

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