A Few Things I am loving right now!



  1. La Croix sparkling water.  Every now and then I like to spice up what I drink, and every now and then Aldi brings this in as a special buy $3.99 for an 18 pack.  It is SO much better than most other seltzers, although Polar is hard to beat.  Whole foods and a few other grocery stores as well.  My favorite flavors are grapefruit, orange and berry.
  2. YouTube Channel Clean & Delicious.  A reader shared this with me a few days ago, and I am totally hooked!  This gal has some great recipe videos, but she also has healthy dessert video and healthy meal prep videos.  I never would have thought to turn to youtube for some cooking help, but I am super impressed!
  3. My ridiculously expensive pair of Cole Haan Tali Bow Flats.  This was a TOTAL splurge a few weeks ago.  But this pair of shoes is SUPER cute and super comfortable.  I got them in a black,gray and beige snake skin print, and they go with everything!  So, while not frugal in one sense, I think they are going to serve me well in the long haul, and wearing them makes me smile, so that is worth something too right
  4. Microsoft OneNote.  I have been a long time user of Evernote, and have really loved that app for personal use.  However, at work I got a free copy of OneNote, and have really been enjoying all of its features.  I was able to easily create a digital bullet journal and have been able to keep impeccable notes and tracking for work.
  5. Mini Succulents I purchased a mini succulent terrarium on Etsy a little bit ago, and I am really loving look at these tiny plants.  So far they are all still alive-which is a huge feat for me!  The tiny cactus is just so cute.

What are you loving this week?


9 thoughts on “A Few Things I am loving right now!”

  1. I love posts like this! It’s fun to see what everyone else is grateful and a little excited for. Me, I’m super super excited that the weather is finally starting to spring up in the Great Lakes Region. My poor toddler and my dogs are going stir crazy!


  2. I love using OneNote as well! One thing that I love this week is Trader Joe’s Yellow Cling Peach Halves! It curbs sugar craving and they use white grape juice which is light compared to some other canned fruits that use heavy syrup.

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  3. I just got the Apple Watch (the 2nd version is so much better than the first). So awesome! I go for a run everyday, and now I don’t need to carry my heavy phone! Then instead of carrying my credit card with me, I’ll just use Apple pay on the watch. Definitely super convenient.


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