What I spent and What we Ate



I first came across the idea of menu planning and grocery tracking blogging on TheFrugalGirl.  It has been a helpful tool for me to organize our budget and menu!

goal budget is $125/week or $500/month – Monthly Running total currently: $365.14

Aldi : 110.60

weekly total:  $110.60

No grocery picture this week!  And this was a total bust of week for meal planning.  Mr. Bird was traveling, little bird was sick early in the week, and now I have a cold too. We will get back on the meal planning bandwagon SOON!!
Saturday 3/18
Dinner |Dinner with my parents.  We got takeout from a new local/organic restaurant.  Super delicious, and we all really enjoyed it!
Sunday 3/19
Dinner | We had the last meeting of our marriage group and as a celebration, we did a potluck dinner.
Monday 3/20
Dinner | Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans
Tuesday 3/21
Dinner | leftovers
Wednesday 3/22
Dinner | takeout pizza (my Dad was in town helping with Little Bird)
Thursday 3/23
Dinner | takeout again (I was feeling so miserable, and Mr Bird got home late from his trip, Little Bird had a slice of leftover pizza)
Friday 3/24
Dinner | planning to make breakfast for dinner  **Really hoping I stick to this, because 3 nights of takeout would make me so sad.


What did you eat this week?  How do you handle being sick and getting meals on the table?

2 thoughts on “What I spent and What we Ate”

  1. I currently have a 102 degree fever so my wife is having to deal with most of the meal planning. I am unfortunately a terrible sick person and have been moping around the house for the past few days. I’m still waiting for this stinkin’ fever to break 😦


    1. Sorry you are sick! I hope you feel better soon, I hate how getting sick limits my productivity. It’s always bad enough being sick, but then having to play catch up makes the recovery so much harder. Rest up, and get well soon!

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