5 frugal things


Five Frugal Things is a great practice of recognizing some of the frugal things in your life.  I first came across it on the blog TheFrugalGirl, and have jumped on that bandwagon!

Back on the bandwagon of posting!  I might not be posting as often, but I am going to try to post 1-2 x per week.  It was a much needed break last week, thanks for being patient!  Here’s a quick 5 frugal things post!

  1. Making cinnamon knots  I used the frugal girl’s recipe, and they came out fabulous and delicious!  I was serious impressed with how simple it was.  All in all it took about 3 hours from start to finish (but much of that was rising time)
  2. at home haircuts.  LittleBird and Mr Bird were due for haircuts. Years ago we spend $19.99 for a a hair clipper set.  I used to cut Mr Bird’s hair, but now he does it himself, and he tackels cutting Litte Birds hair.
  3. No paper towels or paper napkins!  I posted about this a few weeks ago, and I love how much it saves us!
  4. Planning our meals.  I meal planned and grocery shopped this weekend.  I have been spending a bit more at the grocery store for some convenince items to make eating at home easier, but it’s still cheaper, healthier and less stressful than last minute take out!
  5.  Homemade waffles.  Every now and then we love a good homemade brunch!  This weekend I made us some waffles.  A few years ago I bought  this  waffle maker!  It makes 2 belgium waffles at a time, so it is super efficient to make waffles for the whole family!

What frugal things have you done this week?  What do you do to keep yourself motivated to be frugal?


4 thoughts on “5 frugal things”

  1. I have to admit that we haven’t been nearly as frugal as we wanted to this week. My wife hasn’t been feeling good so meals have been a little sporadic around the house. So I have been eating more junk food than I like to admit and when I go grocery shopping haven’t always picked up the frugal options 😦 I definitely need to get into a better groove!!!


  2. Althofgh I don’t have any fixed schedule, I have meal plan for every day of the week in my head. That way I generally know exactly how much I spend in groceries every day. Living close to the grocery store means that I buy fresh groceries every day


    1. That’s great that you live so close to a grocery store. I used to be able to meal plan in my head, but now, if it doesn’t get on paper or the computer–we are doing takeout because I can’t remember!


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